Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roma as a name for Gypsy shit is an insult to Europeans

When the last Gypsy is hung with the guts of the last faggot it will be a good day for humanity.

Gypsies are not from Romania or Italy, nothing Roman about them. They are mixed race oriental shit. A parasite race like Jews.
This term Roma should never be used. The media uses it to insult the White race.


Anonymous said...

hey,,i was following that story too,,,astonishing isnt it ,,,she was almost brought to court for " incitement to racial hate" ,,,how mad is that,,,only in Ireland,,,can u imagine what wud happen a bunch of Irish guys if we went robbin a shop in Romania ,,,,what a stupid country this is ,,,,,they said to her ,,that she should not have got involved and let the police handle it !! thats hilarious ,,,those type of rules apply where the police wud handle it ,,,,even if it was Spain,,the police wud batter them if they caught them stealing blatantly ,,,i think every " refugee" her emust love this country ,,,there is no other country in Europe where they could get away with this type of shit ,,and u know the funny thing is ,,,i almost dont blame them ,,,cos if this country had a proper government and an effective police force these type of things wud not happen ,,,so ......i just think its astonishing that the situation finished off with the Irish woman becoming the " criminal " for not just sitting down and letting her shop be fleeced ,,pure madness,

Anonymous said...

The reds have attacked this bookshop now. We will provide them with photos of known Cork reds.

kerdasi amaq said...

Just remember, mercenaries who join the British Army, promise to put their lives on the line for Her Majesty, that promise maybe called upon in the near future. If any Irish mercenaries stop Iranian bullets; I won't mourn for them, instead I'll praise the sharpshooting skill of the Iranian Army.

Also, the Afghan people would love to see the backs of the British Army running out of their country, for, what is it, the fourth or fifth time! Come on the Taliban!

Anonymous said...

being a gypo yourself brian, you would know